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Devi Trading Company imports has been actively involved in international trade since 1971. The portfolio of imports is evenly balanced between industrial products and agro food items. Our imports cover a wide range of industrial chemicals, all kinds of dyestuffs and solvents. Agro food items and components are supplied all over the region with a strong supply chain around the world and local farmers.


We supply a range of dyes for garment manufacturers as well as companies engaging in textile art, such as batik printing, and for manufacturers of natural colour dyed products. At Devi Trading, we endeavor to be a manufacturing partner rather than just a supplier. We use our years of experience to help our customers effectively utilize the dyes they purchase. Our Quality Assurance Laboratory conducts QA checks on all our dyes to ensure that the client’s shade quality requirements are met.
We are the sole agents for Sinochem Tianjin Co., China, pioneers in the field of dyestuffs and pigments, manufacturers of the best-selling "Youhao" dye and TP pigment.